I am from Chicago and obtained my BA from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in Cinema and Photography and went on to get my MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design. I showed an early curiosity for the mechanical.  At an early age I was known to take my toys apart studying the inner workings and from they’re making something new.  As I grew older I began to combine this curiosity with an artistic aesthetic that has since fully shaped itself into something quite magical.

I pride myself on the craftsmanship evident in my work. With a unique talent for expressing the peculiar I can be found working for Hollywood as an art director and production designer. However, I am most at home in my studio creating my “little cabinets of curiosities” and the photographs that often occupy them.  I find the process of developing these works to be the perfect culmination of artistry in construction and an expression of the fine line between reality and the fantastic.  Walking this tightrope is the very stimulus for the magic that is created in the construction of these pieces. 

When I consider my influences I think of Copernicus, P.T. Barnum, even a more hygienic Rasputin. I build these pieces that incorporate photographs, mostly of myself, which deal with inner demons, relationships, the usual poor artist angst and loneliness, all of which are hidden by smoke and mirrors. My work, at its most distilled level, is about art laced with a trickster mentality and fooling the senses of the viewer, but at the same time letting them in on the trick.